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Unlike many other companies in the Charlotte area, Tadpole Irrigation specializes in one thing…Irrigation. With precise designs and professional installation, our irrigation systems offer user-friendly, low-maintenance automated watering systems to maintain the beauty of your landscaping investment for years to come.

While Tadpole Irrigation uses only products from industry leaders like Hunter and Rainbird, sometimes repairs are necessary. We offer full repair services as well as maintenance packages to insure that your system is running at peak performance while not only conserving water, but saving you money along the way.



Tad at Tadpole Irrigation has been installing new irrigation systems in the Charlotte area for years. We have the knowledge and experience to design and install new irrigation systems in any landscape.

Already have irrigation but it’s outdated or in need of update or repair? Tadpole Irrigation can repair, update and even expand your existing system to make it not only more reliable, but more efficient as well. At Tadpole Irrigation all NEW installations include a two (2) year warranty not the industry standard of 1 year. We will also include our one (1) year maintenance program which consist of a Spring Start-Up, Mid-Season Systems Check and Winterization.



Our Annual Maintenance Package is a money saving option for our customers who purchase a package of seasonal services. The Annual package includes Spring Start-Up, Mid-Season System Check in the summer and Fall Winterization offered at discounted pricing. This package is the stress-free way to be sure your lawn stays lush and your plants stay beautiful in the Charlotte dry, summer heat.



When winter is finally over and it’s time to start cutting the grass and planting the flowers, the next logical step is to turn on the irrigation system and start watering. There are specific steps that need to be taken when starting up your irrigation system in the spring. Let us get your system ready for the warm months by identifying and addressing issues during our Spring Service. Being proactive early in the season is the best way to avoid problems during the times when your lawn and landscape are most dependent on water.

The Tadpole Irrigation’s Spring Package includes the following:

  • Charge system with water
  • Check back flow valve for leaks
  • Operate each zone from controller
  • Check sprinkler head for proper operation and coverage
  • Adjust and clean sprinkler heads as needed
  • Adjust and set controller
  • Replace battery


Before the cold winter months get here your irrigation system must be correctly shut down to reduce the chance of damage to not only the irrigation pipes but to internal components as well. Let us handle the winterization process for you. We will make sure that your irrigation system is properly shut down and will be ready in the spring with minimal issues.

The Tadpole Irrigation’s Winterization Package includes the following:

  • Properly shutting off the main water supply
  • Removing water from the backflow preventer
  • Removing water from all lines
  • Shutting down controller


It has been estimated that more than 50% of all water used in landscape and lawn maintenance is wasted through evaporation or runoff due to over watering. We here at Tadpole Irrigation use the newest practices, technologies and state of the art components to save water and save you money. Check out the Hunter Water Savings Calculator to see how much money a system upgrade could save you.



Fixing problems is just part of what we do. From leaks to faulty equipment- we can find it and fix it. With more than 15 years in the irrigation industry, Tadpole Irrigation has the knowledge and experience to diagnose and repair any number of problems that you may run into as the owner of an irrigation system.

Some of the common problems that we address include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Faulty Controller
  • Leaky Valves
  • Broken Pipes
  • Damaged Sprinkler Heads
  • Buried Valves

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